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Recommended Websites and Programs

Here are some of my favorite finds that I think you might be interested in. Please note that I am not responsible for what you may find on these webpages. I do not endorse anyone nor anything, I'm just sharing some things that may be of interest to you.

Cool Webpages:

  • Nathan Media Services Ceefax Online:
    • A faithful recreation of the original Ceefax teletext services used by the BBC. When set to P. 100, the webpage displays the "Pages From Ceefax" format that was often played during downtime between programmes. Updated automatically.

      After seven years, is finally open! It sure took me long enough.

  • KiwiSDR:
    • An online shortwave SDR program that makes it easy for anyone to get into shortwave radio. You can find specific station timetables throughout the net. Listen to any shortwave broadcast with a bit of practice. (But make sure to record the more interesting findings.)

  • Radio.Garden
    • A website that allows you to listen to online radio broadcasts from all over the world. National broadcasters, such as the BBC, relay their signal online and this program allows you to listen to them. May I suggest BBC Radio 4's Shipping Forecast to help you sleep at night?

      (Please note that this website cannot pick up actual AM/FM signals and searches for internet broadcasts only. Regardless, it's a cool way to learn another language or learn more about the world around you.

    • A website full of fun little games and projects. Great to mess around with when you're bored.

    Want free stuff?

  • Roms Megathread:
    • Free games, old and new, and resources to get started on emulating them. This should be updated down to the previous console generation.

  • SoulSeek:
    • A good P2P application for finding high-quality music.

  • TheTVApp:
    • (NORTH AMERICA ONLY. Set VPNs accordingly.) A free IPTV host with programming from the United States, both cable and OTA, from New York.

  • OpenRCT2:
    • An open-source RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 mod. This is one of my favorite strategy/management games and this mod adds a lot to enhance it. Here's a link to a copy of the game that will work with OpenRCT2.


  • Oddity Archive (YouTube)
    • The biggest inspiration behind this site and my favorite web series of all time. I've been following Ben since the beginning and pretty much everything he covers on the show is something that I'm already into. If you like what you see here on, please check Oddity Archive out!