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About Me

Just who is this mysterious man?

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my website. I'm Lcd101, as you may have gathered. I make games, art, and whatever keeps me happy. I also happen to love retro gaming and have a particular affinity for CRT monitors.

In the real world, I do much of the same. I work in broadcasting and look forward to writing about it on my blog here. When I'm not training to be the best broadcast engineer or traveling around the world, I usually work on my own hobbyist projects or tend to my 165+ consoles.

You can find me on Twitter, where I post more informally. You can also find the links in the sidebar to your left. I typically post archival content on YouTube, albeit infrequently. By the way, did you know that gaming news outlets have recently covered me for staying online in the Nintendo Network for over a month after closing? Phew, I think that's enough plugging for today!

Some of my interests include:

  • Retro gaming
  • More specifically the games Snatcher and Policenauts by Hideo Kojima.
  • But I'll play pretty much anything. EXCEPT FOR THAT AWFUL BACK TO THE FUTURE GAME. You know the one.
  • Or was it two? Or three, or... You get the idea.
  • Television broadcasting (Although I'm not opposed to radio.)
  • Personifying game consoles and making an unfinished VN/adventure game hybrid with them. (I make games.)
  • Writing, especially for my personal projects.
  • Any kind of old tech. If it exists and it's utterly pointless today, I'm sure I'll write about it on my blog.
  • Please feel free to have a look around! If you've read this far, thank you!

    Hello? Can anybody hear me?