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February 2024

The very first month of blogposts on!

Talking About Books: Party Line

29th February, 2024

It’s not exactly a book review, but where the hell else am I going to talk about a book all about a mysterious 976 number?

1-900-101X (Or 1-900 Numbers)

8th February, 2024

Call me now for your free readin'! Where... we discuss those weird phone number commercials that used to be everywhere. [18+, please.]

A Friend of the (American) Family - PAX TV

5th February, 2024

Oh god (literally), we’re not done with these American-themed television networks?!

The (condensed) story of PAX, the so-called sixth television network in the United States!


4th February, 2024

Oh god. Oh GodTube.

Channel America Pt. III - Attack of the Clones

3rd February, 2024

Alright, one more delve into the strange network that sought to dominate low-power television... and the networks that tried to ride off its "success".

WYKE Enters the Picture - The Story of Channel America: Pt. II

2nd February, 2024

In my previous post, we tackled Channel America, the first television network in the United States to consist of low-power stations. Now, for an affiliate that I found particularly noteworthy!

The Story of Channel America: Pt. I

1st February, 2024

The story of the United States' first television network comprised entirely out of low-power television stations!