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4th February, 2024

Oh god. Oh GodTube.

I joked about it at the end of my last post about LPTV networks, but I can’t just ignore something called GodTube. I mean, GodTube. What the hell- I mean, heck, heck. I must preface this post by stating that I am not a Christian. Religion isn’t one of those things I think about much and I prefer to be the captain of my own ship, in a sense. I don’t judge others for their beliefs, unless they’re dangerous or hateful or just plain crazy. Which this teeters on being, as many of the things I research tend to be… was founded in 2007 by a few fellows, most notably Christopher Wyatt, only two years after YouTube. I’m sure you can guess where the name came from. While Wyatt has openly stated that the website is open to all forms of content, theological or not, the terms of use (the official GodTube Twenty-Seven Commandments, as I call them) state that:

  • “Referring to particular vulgar terms or words in any manner that brings them to mind such as purposefully misspelling or using symbols to suggest bad language or referring to something by a letter that identifies the word is unacceptable."

  • “You will not post inflammatory remarks simply for the purpose for evoking reaction or starting fights with other community members (Often referred to as "trolling").”

  • “Overall, promoting a spirit of divisiveness in the community areas will not be tolerated.”

  • “To the extent possible, all conversations are the property of Salem Web Network. By participating you have granted Salem Web Network the license to use them with acknowledgement for any purpose whatsoever.”

  • “Posting entire articles is prohibited, even if permission has been granted by the copyright holder. Instead please only post a portion of the article with a link to read the rest. Please note that we define "a portion" as no more than three paragraphs of long articles or books, and one paragraph of very short articles.”

Apparently, the past TOS were a little more strict on content having to adhere to the most Christian values. Who would’ve guessed that GodTube was so strict? Also, in the spirit of “free speech” and all, GodTube doesn’t even have a comments section.

Now, going onto GodTube today without an adblocker, let’s just say on mobile, leads me to…

Alright, harmless enough.


Pretty sure that's impossible...

Alright. So it’s your standard "wholesome" American Christian fare. Damn, even the websites can’t give me entertaining content to talk about! If the internet killed smaller televisions stations, it should’ve been used for something more amusing than this.

With all that being said, keep looking up!

(Because who knows when GodTube’s namesake is gonna strike me down for writing this post?)

- Lcd101